About Me

I have been a photographer since my teens, working in various positions in my earlier days before starting a career in Information Technology, one which lasted over 50 years. During this time I continued to work at my photography, but the demands of my IT profession made it difficult to do full justice to my creative efforts in this area.

Now retired from the IT industry with a few grey hairs (stress or age, can't be sure), I am concentrating full time on my photography. I am working in both the film and digital mediums, in both black and white and colour.

The galleries presented here are a mix of older and current work. As I continue to review and organize my older film work, I will also work on new projects, both of which will appear on this site.

All photographs on this web site are available for purchase in a variety of sizes, framed or unframed, unless otherwise noted. Please use the Contact page to make any inquiries.

Work not included in the galleries here and other experimental work can be seen on my Instagram and Flickr pages. As this work is developed it may be moved into galleries on this website.